In the pages of “Fifteen Pounds,” you’ll discover a powerful truth: there’s an unmatched strength within you. This book isn’t just a read; it’s a journey from hardship to hope, transforming pain into something profoundly positive. ‘Profit’ here isn’t about money—it’s about the richness of spirit, and Marsha’s narrative is brimming with such wealth.

Marsha opens her heart, offering not just her story, but a lifeline of vital insights, a burst of laughter when the clouds gather, and a guiding light to finding faith in every corner of existence. Life’s unexpected turns can be frightening, full of unknowns that challenge our peace. A medical crisis can jolt us from our comfort zones, threatening to unravel the threads of our daily lives. But with humor as our shield, the love of those around us as our fortress, and the bravery to declare positivity over our circumstances, we can navigate any storm.

“Fifteen Pounds” is more than a guide; it’s a companion for those moments when you need to be reminded of your own power. It’s about seizing the day, shaping your future, and drawing on spiritual fortitude for a life of victory. It reassures us that, even amidst the fiercest tempest, a rainbow awaits— a symbol of promise, of better times ahead.

Let this book be your ally in embracing the present, mastering your fate, and embarking on a path of spiritual empowerment. With “Fifteen Pounds,” you’re not just reading a book—you’re stepping into a new chapter of life, one where every challenge is an opportunity for growth, and every setback a setup for a comeback. Prepare to be inspired, to relate, and to be utterly transformed. For in your hands lies not just a book, but a new way of living.

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Marsha Turner

About The Author

In the heart of bustling Baltimore, Marsha Turner’s life unfolds like a captivating novel—one that defies age, embraces passion, and dances to its own rhythm. At 78 years young, Marsha embodies resilience, purpose, and an unwavering zest for life.

From Cherry Hill to New York and Back Again

Marsha’s journey began in the vibrant streets of Cherry Hill, Baltimore. She then ventured to New York, where the city’s pulse fueled her dreams. But destiny had other plans. Back in Baltimore, she found her true calling—a calling that would shape her legacy.

A Healing Touch: Marsha’s Nursing Odyssey

Armed with a full scholarship, Marsha stepped into the world of healthcare at age 32. Her mission: to heal, to comfort, and to make a difference. Provident Hospital/Liberty Medical Center became her canvas, where she painted compassion and expertise for over two decades. Walter Reed Army Hospital and the Baltimore County Detention Center also witnessed her unwavering commitment.

But Marsha’s spirit thrived on growth. At 59, she donned the mantle of a Registered Nurse, graduating from Baltimore City Community College (BCCC). Retirement? Not for her. Retirement was merely a gateway to new adventures.

Nurturing the Next Generation

Marsha’s heart beats for aspiring nurses. As a nursing tutor at BCCC, she imparts wisdom, kindles dreams, and celebrates victories. Her part-time role as the Media Center Lab Assistant? It’s her “fun retirement job”—a canvas where she blends technology, mentorship, and laughter. When students triumph, Marsha’s smile lights up the room.

Education Knows No Age: Marsha’s Triumph

In 2008, the call to elevate her education echoed louder. At 65, Marsha stood tall, diploma in hand, as a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Maryland. Her message? Lifelong learning is the heartbeat of growth.

Beyond Scrubs: Adventures Unleashed

Marsha’s energy defies boundaries. She glides through life on roller skates, twirls as a hand-dancer, and collects passport stamps like cherished memories. India, Aruba, the Capital Jazz Cruise—each destination adds a chapter to her vibrant tale. Atlantic City honored her as a cancer survivor, a badge she wears with pride.

Where to Find Marsha’s Literary Gem

And now, the pièce de résistance: Marsha’s book. A literary force, her words resonate with empowerment and resilience. “Fifteen Pounds: There’s Only One You”—a title that encapsulates her journey. “Fifteen Pounds” received the prestigious Gold Seal Christian Literacy Award Seal of Excellence. This book isn’t just ink on paper; it’s a beacon for those seeking courage, faith, and triumph.

Faith, Dreams, and Marsha’s Legacy

Marsha’s mission transcends herself. As a member of the Empowerment Temple church, she serves on two vital committees: the Health Ministry and the Senior Ministry. Her purpose? To help members soar and to bear witness to fellow cancer warriors. With unwavering faith, she whispers to God: “All things are possible.”

Marsha Turner’s story reminds us that age is no barrier to dreams. Her legacy inspires nurses, adventurers, and lifelong learners alike. 

To dive into Marsha’s world, grab your copy of “Fifteen Pounds: There Is Only One You” at Let her words ignite your spirit.


Book Review

Breast cancer affects millions of women, from all walks of life, young and old, mothers, friends, wives, daughters and co-workers. It’s a frightening experience for all those impacted by news of the diagnoses.

Author Marsha Turner has been there and survived with her faith not only intact, but stronger than ever. In her recent book, Fifteen Pounds: It All Starts With You, she shares her compelling story of how her crisis of cancer led her into a relationship of total reliance upon Jesus Christ. 

As Marsha candidly shares details of her journal which includes thoughts, feelings and experiences she had from the moment she received the diagnosis to recovery and healing, she offers anyone touched by breast cancer the hope found only through Christ.

Filled with Scriptures, heartfelt messages from family and friends and information with resources that provide help and support, as well as, a brief guide on how to find ways to bring joy into the process of coping and healing, Fifteen Pounds is a book I highly recommend. 

Makes a great inspirational resource for anyone impacted by breast cancer as well as breast cancer support groups, cancer centers and church health ministries.

Reviewed by Pat L. for The Place Readers Love

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