This book turns pain to profit. Profit in the dictionary means anything good, and this book is full of goodness. Marsha didn’t just share her journey. She shared much needed information, a giggle during a tough time and the faith to find God in all things. When life takes a detour down an unknown path, the impact of the journey can be both scary and discouraging. Being forced to suddenly deal with medical trauma can take your calm, routine existence and send it into a tailspin…unless you have a sense of humor, a strong support system and the courage to speak life over your situation. Fifteen Pounds shows how to thrive in the moment, manage your own destiny, and gain spiritual strength for victorious living. Always know in the midst of the storm, a rainbow is waiting on the other side.

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Marsha Turner

Book Review

Breast cancer affects millions of women, from all walks of life, young and old, mothers, friends, wives, daughters and co-workers. It’s a frightening experience for all those impacted by news of the diagnoses.

Author Marsha Turner has been there and survived with her faith not only intact, but stronger than ever. In her recent book, Fifteen Pounds: It All Starts With You, she shares her compelling story of how her crisis of cancer led her into a relationship of total reliance upon Jesus Christ. 

As Marsha candidly shares details of her journal which includes thoughts, feelings and experiences she had from the moment she received the diagnosis to recovery and healing, she offers anyone touched by breast cancer the hope found only through Christ.

Filled with Scriptures, heartfelt messages from family and friends and information with resources that provide help and support, as well as, a brief guide on how to find ways to bring joy into the process of coping and healing, Fifteen Pounds is a book I highly recommend. 

Makes a great inspirational resource for anyone impacted by breast cancer as well as breast cancer support groups, cancer centers and church health ministries.

Reviewed by Pat L. for The Place Readers Love

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